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Lon and Wilhelmina Shelton and Claude Smith

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Lon & Wilhelmina Shelton & Claude Smith are three local artists that will have their work on display at the Deming Art Center from September 1-28, 2019. Lon and Willy Shelton have both had a camera in hand since they were kids.  Using film, developing a lot of bad shots could become expensive so they learned to concentrate on composition and lighting. Upon retiring they moved to Deming and loved how beautiful the skies and mountains were. Although they take photo-trips, they don’t really have to travel very far to get some great shots—their backyard is a photographer’s dream.  Their "wildlife sanctuary" has become a favorite place for them to capture some unusual and amazing shots.  From hummingbirds to roadrunners that Willy hand feeds, you couldn’t ask for a better place to capture nature at its best!

Claude Smith of Silver City, is a retired Professor Emeritus from WNMU. He has taught Clay, Art Appreciation and Ceramics to name a few. He has exhibited his work in over 130 group or solo shows and will be showing his work in the September 2019 Exhibit at the Deming Art Center along with photographers Lon & Wilhelmina Shelton. Over the last ten years his creative energies have focused on two series. The Creation Series, is the exploration of the Bible’s Genesis story as implied in a non-objective manner through the saggar-fired porcelain, composing organic materials for decorative marks and nuances. The Marsh Series, utilizes expressive brush strokes, minimal glazes, and reduced (smoky) surfaces to create implied ethereal landscapes of backwater Minnesota lakes, streams and marshes. Natural representation is not the goal, but the implied spiritual memories documenting place, time and atmosphere.

“Clay is my mistress and nature my inspiration. I pray that my work speaks of both.”

There will be an artist reception on Sunday, September 1, 2019 from 1-3PM. The Deming Art Center is located at 100 S. Gold St. in Deming. The hours are 10AM – 4PM, Monday – Saturday, Closed Labor Day. For more information call us at 575-546-3663 or visit our FB page.

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